Classic Clover

The Clover Classic is a show held at RSCC in March and all participants must be 4H members in grades 4 through 12. The Classic is the way to begin the competitive year. It gives the 4Hers and horses a chance to get used to the RSCC arena and the judging and rules of this type of show. The riders can ride in Walk/Trot classes or Walk/Trot/Cantor classes, but only in one of the grouping of classes. A horse can be riden in both groupings, but not by the same rider. The riders are responsible for their class selections, control and care of his/her horse and also for tack and personal items used in the show. All riders must wear a helmet with the chin strap properly fastened while mounted. All horses are required to have a negative coggins which must be shown to the show officials. The Show committee makes every effort to provide a show that will help to prepare 4H members for the upcoming Regionals and State shows.

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The show is a great deal of waiting, but it is also being ready. The kids and horses wait for the classes to be called, then they wait to be called into the arena, then to be judged, and finally for the results of the judging to be told. All the waiting is worthwhile, though, for it leads to ribbons won, the congratulations of the fans, the satisfaction in the way riders and horse carried themselves thoughout the show and the confidence built in both horse and rider by participating in the Classic. The Classic is the first step in preparation for the ETRC 4H show in May, the Regionals in June and the State in July.

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Everyone, 4hers, parents, friends and ETRC horse owners, take the show seriously but each of them will take a moment or two to have a little fun.

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