4H Show 2019

Since the beginning of 4H at ETRC in 1991, 4H has hosted a show that is open to any rider 18 and younger, and is also the conclusion of the 4H program for the year. In the 28 years from 1991 to 2019, there has only been one time that a show was cancelled and twice it was postponed. The reason for cancellation was damaged caused to the arena flooring that could not be repair in time for the show and postponement has been because of the weather. The regular date for the show is the second weekend of May and the rescheduled date has been the following weekend. Has the rainout affected the participation in the show. Yes, other shows for the same age brackett have been scheduled already, but not so much that it has caused the show to not be successful.

There are several reasons the show is successful. The first reason is the instruction given by the adults and the older 4H members and the skills learned throughout the year by the younger 4Hers. Another reason for success is that 4Hers do not have to have their own horse because several ETRC members loan their horse or horses to the 4H to learn with throughout the year to and ride in the show. ETRC holds a work day a week or so before the show where members mow, clean fence and many other jobs to make the barn, the grounds and the arena look their best. Some members work during the show checking coggins, doing registeration, handing out ribbons. taking pictures, placing equipment in and taking it out of the arena such as barrels, the jumb gates and many other pieces of equipment as well, as many other jobs. Members also work in the concession stand making and serving hamburger, nachoes, hot dogs and many side items. Parents play an important role in making the year and the show a success. Getting their child or children to 4H meetings weekly is of major importance. Some parents will bring their child or children to the barn at times beyond the regular meeting to get more skill and experience with the horse. Several parents also work during the show and work consistently in the concession stand.

The show consists of both western and English classes. There is also a Novice class for first year showers and these riders cannot enter in any other riding classes. The judge is professionally ceritified in both western and English. Unlike open shows, the judge in the 4H shows spends time talking to each participant telling him or her what they did well and explaining exactly what they did incorrectly. The judging portion is a learning experience. Both English and western riders will often join in the fun classes such as barrel racing.

For the new 4Her, who have their first show behind them and are ready to grow with more instruction and more experience, we know that you will do well. To our seniors, who have had their last 4H show at ETRC, we wish you well in the next phrase of your lives.


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