2016 Youth Show

This year, the show had a first. The drill team from McMinn County came to perform at the show. The group had riders of varing ages and demonstrated skill, talent and expertise. Hopefully, this will not be the only time we see them at the 4H show.

drillteam1 (249K) drillteam2 (163K) drillteam4 (270K) drillteam5 (259K) drillteam10 (136K) drillteam12 (284K) drillteam14 (233K)

The show usually begins with a leadline class. In this class, the horse of the young riders is lead around the arena by a 4Her or an adult. The announcer calls for different walks from the horse, thus from the leader also. In this class, all riders receive a blue ribbon for 1st place. This is a great way for the future 4Her to start their show life.

leadline1b (545K) leadlinemqjudgelimegren (289K)