Anderson County Youth at ETRC

The Anderson County Youth Group has been located at East Tennessee Riding Club, which is located in Oak Ridge on Tuskegee Drive, for more than 25 years. On Saturdays from September to May, the youth come to the barn to learn about horses, how to tack up and care for tack and equipment needed by horses and how to ride. The members are grouped by their riding skill and the more experienced members (along with adult leaders) help the newer and younger members. In addition to the Saturday activities, the youth participate in Hippology and the Horse Bowl held at the UT Vet School in January. This competition takes a lot of preparation and studying and the kids spend Thursday evenings practicing, working and studying for the competition. Depending on their ratings in this competition, they may qualify for the state competition at UTK Vet School in March.

Having a horse or not having a horse should never keep a child from joining the Youth Group at ETRC. Many of the ETRC members allow a youth to "borrow" their horse for program.

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