ETRC Pictures of Today and Yesterday

ETRC has a unique history from most barns. Barns are usually on farms with one family or owner. Sometimes, they are on agricultural companies property or colleges, but none of this is ETRC's story. In its more than 7 decades of history, ETRC had never had only one owner or been part of any of the places mentioned. No ETRC is part of a secret - a SECRET CITY!

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ETRC's name tells it all. East Tennessee Riding Club and Horse Show Association, Inc is the complete name of our organization. As you can tell, even in the beginning, the goal of ETRC members was to have horse shows. At that time, there was not even an arena on the property. So what did the members do? They used the softball field that is about an eighth of mile down the road from the barn. In those days, a horse show was an event.

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horseshow40 (264K) Go to a 1940's ETRC Horse Show

Winter has hit the U.S. hard this year. In the north, feet instead inches covered everything in sight. In the south snow is usually a dusting - looking more like frost on the ground than snow. Not this year; the city of Oak Ridge had snow, so ETRC had snow. Students did not go to school for nine days and that set a record. Never in the 74 year history of the city, did students miss this many days.

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