Lauren Runs

Lauren, who has been at the barn for about 6 years is the owner of Hotch a rescue horse that Lauren got from Horse Haven. In addition to taking care of, riding and loving Hotch, during the four years of high school, Lauren has been part of the track team and her sophomore year she also ran cross country. In that year, the morning runs and the hot, hot afternoon runs became a way of life for her and her teammates. Running the roads with the state names, the turnpike and back to the high school was hard in the beginning, but did get easier and easier for Lauren as she practiced more and more. Running in the rain and the cold was not one of her favorite things, but it helped her to be able to give her best at the meets whether they were on the Oak Ridge High School track or at another school. After her sophomore year, she decided that track was more her thing than cross country. At the track meets she took part in the relays while other members took part in the high jumps, hurdles and also the relays. Lauren did not do hurdles but was very good at relays and the handing off and receiving of the batons. Waiting for an event is a big part of track, but while waiting, those participating in the meet, cheer on their teammates.

LSbaton2 (1016K) LSbaton1 (1212K) LSbaton3 (1395K) LSbaton4 (1007K) LSbaton5 (968K)

Receiving and running and handing off all takes perfect timing

closngin (291K) gangngup (384K) bypassng1 (305K) matchngstrides (536K) gother (264K)

A mark of a good runner; closing in, running by, matching strides, and getting ahead of the competition

LSback (787K) cheerngon (438K) goodpass (482K) LSteam1 (759K) They are State Bound
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