Ladybug, the Minature Horse

Ladybug3 (243K) Ladybug was adopted by the 4H at ETRC this fall and, it was soon believed that she was pregnant. After an examination, vets, Meg and Frank Davis, confirmed she was pregnant, but no exact due date could be given without an ultrasound. Since she was in a pasture with both minature horses and minature donkeys, no one can say for sure whether the foal will be a minature horse or a minature donkey mix. Ladybug has become a favorite with everyone at the barn and most of them go by her stall daily to make sure that she is ok. At times it seems as if Ladybug is tired of all the attention that she is getting. She will turn her butt toward the stall door and not turn around when anyone comes up. ladybugbackside (427K)
lbtemptime4 (1576K) As it has gotten closer to a possible due date, the 4H members have begun taking her temperature daily. A drop in temperature could indicate that she is getting ready to deliver. Her stall bedding has been changed from sawdust to shavings, which is better for the birthing. Since there is no paddock for her to go out in, due to her pregnancy, she is kept in her stall. In the evening, a 4Her, or many times an adult ETRC member, will walk her several times up and down the halls in the barn. lbclnstall (1667K)

As a fund raiser, many ETRC members have taken part in a "when will she deliver" lottery by picking a date on the calender and paying a $1.00. So far there have been no winners. During the heavy February snow, it was feared that she might deliver, but much to everyone's delight she did not. Ladybug is going to deliver on her own time schedule.

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Daily exercise Tail braided just in case Checking to see if stall is clean


Ladybug did it. She had this baby on her own schedule which was between 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM on March 27 when no one was in the barn. When Lore and Alex came to feed and take out horses, they found him. The first thing was to call the Ronnie, the 4H leader, and he and Robyn quickly came. Then other members who come early started showing up. Of course, Ladybug had her audience then. First thing, call the vet and begin looking for the afterbirth to have when the vet got there. Pictures start being taken and everyone was oohing and aahing about the baby. Mommy is very protective so for a brief time all the people do is look on. Seems there was a little confusion about whether it was a boy or girl, but no confusion now. He is the hit of the barn, healthy and ready to go. Some things have changed for 4H members, though. The attention they have been given to Ladybug must be put on hold for a few days. Mommy and baby need bonding time. So the door to the stall will be closed and no visiting sign will be put up. Once this process is done, then helping out with stall cleaning and other duties will be again 4H duties. Sneaking a very quiet peek over the doorway might be ok for one to two at a time, but quick and quiet are probably the keywords.

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The first day of life and his name is Little Bit
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First Adventure

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anothrpictre (118K) deidralb (237K)

Three days old and it is time to go outside and see the rest of the world. It is even a treat for mom since she has not been out for months. Mom is lead and Little Bit is closely following. Any worry about taking him out quickly disappears because he is staying right by mom's side. Uh oh, maybe he needs a little bit of help to go into the fenced area. In and he is ready to go. Walking around, getting a feel of the grass and watching all those who are watching him; this is the life. Little Bit has his own entourage. Mom needs a little bit of attention too; so a good brushing and combing works. Little Bit needs to eat and rest a little; can't get overtired. Almost time to go in, just an hour or so outside is enough. Little Bit still has watchers including an unknown neighborhood child and horses that are near the rust pen that Little Bit and Ladybug are in. Before going in, a walk is in order. Entourage led and in step with mom all the way. At the end of the walk, mom in stall and Little Bit lifted in (the step into the stall is too tall) and the first outside adventure is over.

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Ladybug and Little Bit have moved from ETRC to a farm in Seiverville. The people that own the farm have rescure horses and also one minature horse. Ladybug and Little Bit will have pasture to run in and other horses to hang out. They will be missed but 4Hers and ETRC members know that they will both be very happy in their new home.

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