Alex's and Mason's Page

Alex has been at ETRC for 13 years. As the years have passed, she has had five different horses. She started out with, Hannah, a older blanket appalossa, on which she learn to ride and how to care for a horse. After Hannah she got Bullet, her first barrel horse. Bullet and Alex were inseparateable and still are. Bullet and Alex have spent many years barrel racing. After Bullet, she got Bloo, another barrel racer. The trips to barrel race then included Alex, Bullet and Bloo. Most weekends were spent at Clinton, Roane State Community College and other places in east and middle Tennesee. Other horses were added to Alex's herd. Hawk's Ritzy Lady (Ritzy), a Tennessee Walking horse, took Alex into a different field of riding - English. Now in addition to barrel racing, Alex was competing in English classes at ETRC shows and in Sweetwater, TN each month. Ritzy has a good lineage as her grandfather is ?. Another horse came at this time. The Buck Stops Here (Buck), a speed racking horse from Kentucky, is another new direction for Alex. A speed racker stays in a high stepping canter while traveling at a fast rate of speed. In the last year, Alex has also given birth to a beautiful baby boy who has been at the barn since he was a week old. He spends as much time at the barn as many of the horse owners. He is everybody's favorite and newest "horse person".

Mason is right at home at the barn. He can sleep through the noise and activity of everything going on. He loves the horses and if one stops by his stroller or seat, he looks up and laughs. First time he was on a horse was when he was a month old with Buck. Of course, at a month, he was not sitting by himself. At a couple of months old, he did it again. He still needed help sitting up on Brutus, but he was loving it. At 9 months old, Mason took his first ride with his momma on Bullet. This is the first of many. He may be the youngest rider in the 4H show in May.

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