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A Dinner for ETRC Members for All They Do

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The 4H held its annual dinner in appreciation of the ETRC members who lend their horses to the kids and help out with the meetings and 4H program. The food was a pop-luck affair with 4H parents providing most of the meal with some ETRC members bringing a dish to add to the menu.
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The meal began with hot dogs and chili and many, many side dishes, but no desserts. After eating and enjoying all that was to be had, everyone started checking out the desserts that had been placed on the shelves.
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The desserts were donated to 4H by 4H parents or ETRC members and were auctioned off to raise funds for the 4H show in May. There were cakes, pies, brownies, cookies, homemade sour dough bread and much more. The auctions are always a time of fun and a lot of laughter. This one was no exception. Ronnie, the 4H leader, was doing his best to get the desserts sold to the highest bidder.
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In one case, Aly, one of the 4H members, was telling an adult at her table to just bid the price plus 50 cents and suddenly Aly found herself placing a bid. After a moment's hesitation, Aly said she did not have the money for a bid. Someone offered to pay half, but she said she did not even have that much. It got really funny then and Aly was not real sure just how she was going to pay for the bid. In a little bit the cake was sold to another bidder.

Ronnie continued until all desserts were bought and many were shared and enjoyed by those at the table.

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In 4H at ETRC's 25 year history, this has been the best year. Anderson County (4H at ETRC) members placed in the Horse Bowl, in Hippology, and in Horse Judging. 4H at ETRC has members in Honors Club, Public Speaking, Demonstration, Record Book, and every other facet of 4H. All of these were honored at the dinner and stood for recognition and applause. 4H at ETRC is a unique program. David Seivers, the farrier used by many members of ETRC, had come to the dinner and said that he goes to many barns in Anderson, Roane, Knox, Morgan, and all over East Tennessee, and he has not ever seen a 4H program like the one at ETRC. ETRC's 4H is the only project group that does not require the kids to own their own horse. Some projects allow the kids to lease a horse, but no other group allows the kids to borrowed horses from others in their barn. Ronnie and he both commented on how much the ETRC members are willing to do to make sure the 4H program is successful at ETRC.

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Jessica, the only high school senior 4H member, had taken pictures during the 4H meetings and had also gotten pictures from 4H parents of 4H activities away from the barn. With these pictures Jessica made a video of the happenings. She not only had a narrative but also great music. The video was excellent and could have easily been the work of an expert. After the showing of the video, Jessica left to get ready for the high school prom. When you are dealing with the ETRC family, it is good to be prepared for anything and Jessica was when she return to show off her dress.

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Jessica's tribute to the 4H 2015 -2016 year Jessica's tribute to her last year as a 4Her - 2014-2015

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