Sammy and Barrel Racing

Sammy, one of the 4Hers, has just started barrel racing but is getting into it in a big way. She has run at VRA events at the Clinton Fair Grounds and NBHA at Roane State Community College and in the 4H Classic. She is running on Cowboy at this time, but may be running Blue soon. She is doing what all good barrel racers do - putting in many hours of practice everyweek.

headingout2 (30K) practicebr (75K) bluesc (6K) barrel2 (6K)

invite (56K)

In addition to barrel racing at ETRC and RSCC, Sammy competed at the NBHA Youth Championships this year. For a first year barrel racer, it is special to be invited to compete. Sammy competed in runs each day and did well. Each run gave her more and more confidence in what she and the horse were doing. A lot can be said of Sammy's handling the horse. Pictured are both runs.

scroosternbha1 (180K) scroosternbha6 (407K) scroosternbha4 (205K) scroosternbha3 (174K) scroosternbha5 (163K) scroosternbha7 (508K)

Placed in the 2D and 3D on the last barrel race of the year. Cowboy had a really good run - a 17
She is very thankful to Alex for letting her run on Bloo and Bullet

Keep checking this page for more on Sammy and her barrel racing.

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