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One of the acttivities, that the 4Hers have done for most years is entering the Christmas parade. When we first started being in the parade it was a daytime parade, but for the past few years, it has been a nighttime parade, which means light must be strung around the float as well as on the tree to be seen. The floats made by 4H have many different themes from Santa's trip around the world, a sleigh pulled by a horse, of course, and, this year, it was Home for the Holidays. The float had rocking chairs for grandparents and a table and chairs for the family. Most people remember gathering around the table, eating, talking, laughing and enjoying being there at Christmas time and 4H wanted to portray that. Michael and Lisa made the rocking chairs their spots. It was so cold that night, that we did not have the large family there, but those that rode the float enjoyed it. Thanks to Summer, one of the older 4Hers, for decorating the tree for the float. She did it alone and you could tell that she had decorated trees before. It was a beautiful tree!

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The parade route was about a mile and half long from the SAIC parking lot to the high school parking lot. Layfette Avenue and the Oak Ridge turnpike, the main roads through town, were closed to traffic and their sides were lined by adults and kids all the way. The parade was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and had over 150 entries in it and each entry was described by the local cable community channel announcers and a video was made of the parade. It is shown on TV the following week as well as parades from the small cities around Oak Ridge.

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