Christmas Tree for Fantasy of Trees

Fund Raiser for Children's Hospital

For almost four years, 4H has participated in the Fantasy of Trees fundraiser for Children's Hospital. This project was taken on because most of the 4Hers had been to Children's Hospital. No child is turned away for treatment at the hospital and the Fantasy of Trees is a big fund raiser that allows the hospital to be able to do this. The trees 4H did came under the Adopt-a-Tree part of the event. Requirements for the Adopt-a-Tree section is that everything on the tree should be handmade by the students/kids entering the tree. ETRC's 4H members followed this requirement and handmade everything on the tree except the lights.

1sttree (1228K)

horsestalls (823K)

The first year, each 4Her hand painted a horse to look like the one they owned or the one they rode. After that, they made a stall door and base and put the horse in it. At the top of the tree was Santa's sleigh, but no Santa. Santa was on the tree feeding apples and carrots (made from bread dough) to the horses. When the tree was finished, there were 40 horses and stalls on the tree, and instead of garland, the words "stopping by the barn on Christmas eve" were made of wood and ran up and down the tree. In addition to these, there were many other "horsey" items. The tree turned out great. This tree sold at the Fantasy of Tree gala to a lady from Morristown who had a barn and Paso Finos. She was going to put it in the lobby of the barn for all to see. This tree seems to be the favorite of the 4Hers and ETRC members overall. The next year, the tree turned into a world wide Christmas village with handmade decorations like those from all over the world. Again this tree, caught someone's eye and sold to help with the raising of funds. The following year, the theme was Rock Around the Christmas Tree and had no horses on it at all. On this one, the 4Hers painted used CDs and made them into 45 records that were all Christmas songs. The garland had handmade sets of drums, guitars, trumpets, record players, keyboards and several other musical instruments. The next year found the tree looking like Santa Claus. He head was made from a hard sterofoam head made fatter with spacking and painted, a beard and mustache added and cherry cheeks and glasses. His arms in their red with white gloves wrapped around the tree. His boots made from pvc pipe and painted black stood on the floor. All of these trees were worked on on Saturdays and at least one night a week.

grinchturtlesnowm (730K) minion+3 (809K) tree1 (1021K) wreath1 (801K)

The past year, 4H did not have a 7ft tree. Instead they made decorations for a 4ft tree and made two wreaths. The ornaments on this tree were made from used lightbulbs. Some of the painted bulbs became minions, the Grinch, Rudolph, Santa Claus, snowmen, Ninja Turtles and Hello Kitty. They placed these on the tree with silver garland, painted sweetgum tree balls and stars. The wreaths' base were swimming noodles taped into circles, wrapped in white muslin and white Christmas lights. Then wrapped with white feather boas until fully covered. After all this was done, ribbon of red and lime green were added as well as two stars made from clothes pins painted the same color as the ribbon and sprinkled with same color glitter. Again these all sold and helped in the fund raising.

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