Community Service Projects

ETRC is community minded and offers free programs to Oak Ridge, Roane and Anderson county residents, actually to anyone who wants to partipate.

One of the programs is free manure for gardens and lawns. In the spring and fall, many people take advantage of this program, but it is available all year. If someone has a pickup or a trailer they can leave, they may be bring it and park it at the end of the short ramp. As stalls are cleaned daily, the ETRC members will dump the manure filled wheelbarrows into the truck bed or trailer until it is full. Most times, it takes just a couple of days or less to fill up. In years past, people who work in Oak Ridge and live as far away as Rogersville have left their truck at the end of the ramp and at the end of the workday have gone home with a truck load of manure. If no pickup or trailer is available, bring a few containers and manure can be taken from the large dumpster and carried away in containers. In years past, one of the Oak Ridge High School science teachers would come before school and get fresh manure from a horse's stall to use with his science kids. The students would examine the manure with eyes and hands to see of what and how it was composed. They would then examine it under a microscope to view the tiniest particles in the manure.

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Another project is the flea market sale. The ETRC flea market is held at the Oak Ridge High School in the Turnpike side parking lot. The sales are held by the high school weekly on Saturdays from March to the end of October and for a small fee space is provided for anyone who has items for sale. ETRC participates as a means of raising money for barn projects. This year possible projects range from purchasing additional sand for the arena or buying a "carport" style cover for the tractors and lawnmower. For the sale, members donate things that they no longer need or want to ETRC. At the April 2nd sale there were Christmas items, household items, lawnmovers, games, both board and video, and much, much more. The workers arrived before daylight at 6:00 AM to set up. They came with a flatbed trailer and smaller trailer loaded with boxes and boxes of items plus items not in boxes. It took almost 2 hours to get ready for customers but were ready when the first customers came. It was a busy day and items sold pretty steadily. When the day end, the majority of things had been sold and those who had worked the sale felt good about the results. The next sale for ETRC will take place June 11. This sale will be to raise monies to help defer the cost of those 4Hers who are going to the week long 4H Horse State Competition in Shelbyville, TN. Many of the items for that sale will be donated by 4H parents but ETRC members will help out too.

Come Out June 11th and Help Us Make the Sale a Success - There Will Be Something for Everyone!

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The Haunted Barn

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