The Haunted Barn At ETRC

The haunted barn has been hosted by ETRC for over 25 years. It is held in October on Saturday the weekend before Halloween and is open to the public. It is designed to be a fun and safe place to trick or treat for pre-schoolers through middle school kids. The haunted barn begins at 6:30 PM and ends at 9:00 PM. Those who attend are encouraged to dress up in costume. There are activities for everyone from walking through the barn getting trick or treat candies and other goodies, meeting witches, skeltons, gypsies, monsters (but nothing too scary for the very young), ghosts, scarecrows and many other Halloween visitors. Of course, the halloween visitors are all ETRC members dressed in their finest clothings to celebrate Halloween while handing out candies of all kinds. Occassionally trick or treaters will even get to see a horse or two dressed in costume too. In addition to these, there are games to play; corn hole, corn hole toss, treasure hunting in hay for small toys and, probably, the biggest hit of the night is the hay ride. The wagon is pulled by a tractor and goes around the barn (covering the length of the 14 acreas). The rides attract all ages of kids and adults. Many of the kids ride more than once and convince their parents to go along on each ride. The rides start when the Haunted Barn starts and continue until it is over. The Haunted Barn is free, but donations are appreciated.

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