When Horse Shows Were A Dress Up Affair

Shows were always part of the life of ETRC members even though there was no arena at ETRC. The ballfield made a good site since it was fenced and had both a dirt ring around it and a grassy area and it was close enough that horses could either be riden there or trailered. Looking at those who were watching indicates a lot of people came out for the shows. The rows of seats are full as far you can see and the rows go back about ten deep. At most arenas today not many allow as much seating as the ballfield did.

At this time, the ETRC shows were made up of gaited horses with riders of all ages and with English and jumping making up the bulk of the classes. With the first look at the crowd, the one thing that stands out is the way they are dressed. The women and girls in dresses, while the men and boys wear what might be called "Sunday" clothing. Of course, in the 40s, the look of today (with jeans and boots) was not even thought of. Notice that the riders are also formal. This look at the shows indicate that going to an ETRC show in the 40's is much more of an event than attending horse shows today.

winnr1 (280K) Shows held at night under the lights cause both rider and horse to stand tall. As the classes run their course and winners are judged best, the young lady presenters dressed in their best gowns, presented the ribbon to each winner
The young boy and his pony step high for those who are watching. young (296K)

Waiting to be called to enter the arena 3waitng (402K)

crowd (352K) upclose (224K) presenters4 (390K)
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