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ETRC members participate in many different activities. Some of these are at the ETRC barn which may include major workday events,volunteer events by other companies to work at ETRC or presentations given by guest speakers in the clubhouse or presentations given in the arena by specialists in horse training and riding. Many activities are individually done or as a group from ETRC. These activities may include going on overnight or weekend trail rides to the state parks in East and middle Tennessee. Others participate in shows held away from the barn or in college equine events and others participate in activites that have nothing to do with horses. Some of these activities are sport related, some are community related and others are done just for fun.

Timberridge, part of Big South Fork State Park, has been one of the locations that ETRC members go to ride trails, set by the campfire to relax and just have a good time with other members. Timberridge trails consist of hills, flat areas, streams and waterfalls. Many of the teenage riders from ETRC go here for their first away from the barn overnighter. If all the members that like this ride went at the same time, the barn would be empty. Sometimes there have been several trips either in the spring or fall.

Activities are added to this page as they happen so check back for more activities

Alex has been a member of ETRC since she was 11. She began barrel racing when she was in her teens. She is now a mother of a son and was back in the saddle when he was six weeks old. She was not only in the saddle, she was barrel racing at Clinton with the Volunteer Racing Association and has passed that skill on to younger 4Hers.

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Work hours are required of every member of ETRC. In addition to the regular monthly workdays, at times, there are some of major proportions. These days can be to replace the roof over the main barn or clubhouse or other single day or multiple days work. In the past few years, it was replacing the roof of the barn, which was done in sections one at a time. The roof on the main barn has now been complete along with the repairing and replacement of the updrafts fans and removing and replacement of the cupolas on the roof that house the fans. The most recent job was the tearing down and rebuilding of a stall wall that backed up to the wash basin. This project took a couple of days with 8 to 10 members working on it. The wall had to be replaced because the wood in it had rotted and water was leaking into the stall when the wash basin was used. Some of the concrete blocks had to be replaced and was done professionally thanks to a father of a member. He is a brickmason and very graciously gave of his time and skills. Because the blocks had to be replaced, the rebuilding of the wall had to be delayed until the mortar set. The job is now completed and the horse is back in his stall. The washbasin floor and drain need to be replaced and that will be one of the next projects undertaken.

Major Jobs That Need To Be Done

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