Activities, Both In ETRC Youth Group and Out

ETRC Youth seem to be kids with many and varied interests and ETRC Youths fit that mold. Many of the ETRC Youth participate in varied activities at the barn and away. Some of these activities, they do individually and some they do with other Youth members. Several Youth members are in their school chorus, on cross country and track teams, basketball teams, and other organizations and clubs. Some take part in community groups and activities.

A few of the Youth also take part in horse shows, barrel racing and other non-Youth sponsored events.

To see these kids in action, click on the pictures below

2017cloverclassic (408K)

Clover Classic at RSCC

Open to 4H members only

Those that went this year including one in the last year and one in their first year of 4h

shmanshiprridingclinic (165K)

Showmanship and Ranch Riding Clinic

Led by Jacquline Vaden and

Find out more about what the kids must do to be prepared for shows

afaul1 (3856K)

2016 Regionals

4H Regional held at RSCC each June

Learn more what Regionals are all about

ladybug1a (106K)

Ladybug a minature horse adopted by Youth members

It is discovered that she is pregnant

Learn more about the Youth and Ladybug

crowd2ncrpd (238K)

Appreciation dinner - a yearly event

Given for ETRC members for loaning horses and helping with the Youth

See what happens at auction of desserts

Non-Youth Activities and Events

headedout (53K)

Sammy is going in a new direction with her riding - barrel racing

It is one of skill and practice

Learn more about how she is doing this

ffa (34K)

Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Amanda and Sarah Ann joined FFA at Clinton High School

Learn more about FFA and what the girls are doing

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