Regionals occur all over the southeast section of the United States. In Tennessee, there are three Regionals that meet in June; one is Eastern, another is Central and the third is Western. In each of the three sections of Regionals 4Hers come to compete against other 4Hers in their region. The competition gives them the chance to compete against the best riders and horses in their section of Tennessee. Many of the 4Hers have competed in shows held in their own city or county or a nearby county show before entering the Regional. Regionals allows the 4Hers to compete with other 4hers that they already know, but it also gives them the chance to compete against riders that are new to them. It is a place that many life long friendships begin. From the regionals, many 4hers will go to the state competition in Shelbyville. To be able to participate in the 4H State competition, the 4Hers must have placed in at least one class of the Regional competition. Regionals are a three day event beginning on Thursday and ending on Saturday. This year 10 ETRC 4Hers ranging from 4th graders to a high school senior participated in Regionals

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The kids were accompanied by parents, former 4Hers and 4H leaders.

Some from time to time would goof off with the kids.

Others would take a different role and a different hat.

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sammy1 (3902K) malexander3 (1026K) scoleman3 (483K) sammy2 (381K) ssspirit (768K)

A Stepping Stone to State

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