Hey, Remember, We Are In The South

In the south, we do not usually get much snow and when we do, it is gone within a day or two. The snow of February 2015 was not like that and it seemed like it would never end. The first snow came with a layer of ice. It was the kind that kept the horses in the barn and not running in the paddocks. It was also the kind that kept members from getting to the barn easily. City roads to the barn were slick with the ice and that first morning not graded or graveled. Members who live within walking distance were willing to help with the care of other members' horses and those members that had 4 wheel drive were some of the first at ETRC to also help. When owners were able to get there, their horses were happy to see them. but in a couple of days, the horses were not happy with staying inside. One mare was so unhappy that she kicked a hole in one of the walls of her stall. This was a first for ETRC, horses that were used to being outside for anywhere from 7 hours up to to 10 hours were in the stalls for 24 hours a day for a week. That first snow was followed by two more. The temperatures dropped into the low teens and single digits. IT WAS NOT A GOOD TIME! Water in the barn had to be turned off for fear of freezing and bursting pipes. Water was carried in 5 gallons jugs to fill the water buckets in each stall. Each morning water in the buckets had frozen and had to be broken for the horses to have water to drink.

The First Snow

barn2015b (2027K) barn2015a (2999K) barn2015c (2121K) barn2015g (2803K)

The barn is too empty, too quiet, too white and way too slick

barn2015s (106K) barn2015o (66K) barn2015r (103K) barn2015k (2794K)

The third snow is prettier, but days of stillness and horses in, not out of the barn continue

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